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DATKA Foreign Trade is a manufacturer based in Turkey, specializing in the export of high-quality industrial products. Our flagship product, Datka Fix, is a revolutionary leak-proof sealing solution designed for metal threaded joints.

Datka Fix offers a reliable and versatile sealant for various applications, including drinking water lines, pressure vessels, and air compressors. This non-dripping formula cures completely within 24 hours and withstands temperatures up to 150°C, ensuring long-lasting performance.

At DATKA, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional products and unparalleled customer service. We continuously strive to improve our offerings through ongoing research and development. We are confident that Datka Fix is the premier leak-proof sealing solution available on the market today.

Exported to 20+ Countries

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DATKA Foreign Trade has been operating since 2014.


Our company is focused on providing Turkey made great contributions to the development of exports. Our company, which was established for this purpose, takes firm steps forward by increasing the variety of products it exports day by day. By contributing to the opening of foreign markets to manufacturers in Turkey to be taken by the manufacturer's numerous foreign franchises, we are proud and we are aware of our responsibility.

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