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DATKA Foreign Trade has been operating since 2014.


Our company is focused on providing Turkey made great contributions to the development of exports. Our company, which was established for this purpose, takes firm steps forward by increasing the variety of products it exports day by day. By contributing to the opening of foreign markets to manufacturers in Turkey to be taken by the manufacturer's numerous foreign franchises, we are proud and we are aware of our responsibility.

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100% Leak-proof sealing solution for metal threaded joints

No More Mess

Quick and Fast

Non Dripping

Details& Instructions

Technical Details
Average Handling Time
10 Min. (Conditions: 22°C)
Flash Point
>93°C (Method: ASTM D56-05)
Gap Filling
Up to 0.22mm
Shelf Life
24 Months
Spevific Gravity
1.030 (22°C)
Temperature Range
7000 - 8000 cPs (@20rpm) (22°C, Method: ISO 2555. Equipment Brookfield RVT, spindle 3
  • Suitable for metal-metal and plastic-metal threaded connections
  • Drinking water approval for quality water applications
  • No dirt with its non-dripping formulation
  • Keeps its sealing properties against shocks & vibrations long after the application
  • Close-fitting metal pipe threads where all kinds of water, oil, grease, and many chemicals pass
  • Pressure vessels
  • Air Compressors
  • Hydraulic systems and tanks
  • Areas where resistance against vibration is required
  • Suitable for Type H thick metal thread joints according to THE EN 751-1 Standard.
Usage and Instructions

Surface Preparation
1) Ensure parts are clean, dry and free from oil and grease
2) Applied with a brush or directly from tube

1) Aqply the adhesive with a 360 turn to leading threads of be male and female fittings.
2)Use in absorbent tissue paper to wipe off excess jointing compound in direction of the thread.
3)Assembly parrts and hold on for 24 hour at 22-24°C to ensure full curing of jointing compound.
4)For disassembly, use hand tools to remove mating parts.
5)When it is ha rd to dissemble at room temperature, apply Iocal heat until reaching 250°C and disassemble while hot. Then, remove any residual cured adhesive mechanicaIly and clean parts with a proper solvent, acetone.

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